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Robin Hood 3: Hail to the King! Collector's Edition

The dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham is up to his scheming ways again as an <nobr>all-new</nobr> adventure begins. This time, he's kidnapped the king's soldiers and imprisoned them throughout the realm as part of a larger plot against the ruler.

To find out what the nefarious ne'<nobr>re-do</nobr>-well is up to, players will have to conquer exhilarating strategic challenges on dozens of levels and race against the clock to complete quests!

Fortunately, Robin has a few extra arrows in his quiver. Players still have the ability to pick the heroes that will tackle each level, allowing them to use each character's unique abilities to overcome specially designed obstacles.

Players can also reap huge rewards in <nobr>all-new</nobr> Heist maps by springing traps and using other clever tactics to lay up the sheriff's guards and grab the gold!

Vlastnosti plné hry:
Bonus chapter with 14 levels

Earn dozens of achievements

Built-in strategy guide

Catchy downloadable soundtrack

Dazzling desktop wallpapers

Systémové požadavky:
OS: Windows 7/8/10 / CPU: 2 GHz / RAM: 2 GB / VRAM: 512 MB / DirectX 11 or later

Velikost: 501.28Mb

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